Monday, October 28, 2013

Bully Blocker Program

October is Bully Prevention Month.

This year, we are implementing a new program to help keep all kids safe, and to encourage students to stand up for others.

Each class had a lesson (based on their grade) about what bullying is. They learned that most situations are just conflicts, and to be a bullying situation, it needs to be malicious, targeted and consistent.

 They learned how to stand up to bullies by using CAST:
A=Walk AWAY from the bully
S=Tell them to STOP
T=TELL an adult

We talked to the younger kids (grades 1 and 2) about the difference between tattling and reporting, and showed them this fun video:

Tattle Rap

I then talked to the older kids (3-6) about what it means to stand up for others, and they watched this video:

Football player protects special needs girl from bullies

Next, I introduced all of them to our bully blocker program at school:

If they see someone being a bully blocker. (Telling the bully to stop, or helping the person who is being bullied), then can get entered into a drawing. Once a week I draw out 2 or 3 papers, and the person who saw the bully blocker gets a prize, along with the person who was the bully blocker!

We also had "No-name calling week", and we will have "Sit by someone new day"!

Talking about bullying at home is very important. Ask your kids if they see bullying at school. Talk to them about how laughing at bully's jokes actually helps the bully. Talk to them about cyber-bullying if they are using the internet at home.

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