Friday, August 30, 2013

Intro Lessons

In these first few weeks of school, I have been going into every classroom, and presenting my introductory lesson to all the students. I really wanted to emphasize what a school counselor does,  and demonstrate to them that I am available to all students, and am here to help!

For grades K-3 I have a counselor bag that the students pick out an item. Then they guess (or I tell them) what the item has to do with a school counselor.

Here are some examples:

I am like a firefighter, because I can help put out the fires in your life:
 School counselors can help you stay above water, so you don't sink:
 The nurse can help you if you scrape your knee, but I can help you if your heart is hurting:
The counselor is a good listener!
The counselor can help you wipe away your tears:

The counselor wants you to be a winner at school:
I then read 'The Pout-Pout Fish' by Deborah Diesen.
A discussion followed about how most of the time, we are in charge of how we feel. And having a good attitude is the best way to make friends, and helps school be more fun!
In grades 4-6, we are playing a family feud-type trivia game, where they have to answer questions about what a counselor does. A lot of the questions they know pretty well, but a lot of questions they didn't know!

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