Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome back!!

I am so excited to be back for my 2nd year at Canyon and Foothills Elementary Schools! I just finished our first meeting and the staff are all coming up with great ideas to best help your child(ren) this year!
My goal with this blog is to keep parents up to date on counseling topics. I will post updates on what I am teaching in your students' classroom, as well as other topics that might best help your student to be successful at school. Some topics will be: friendship skills, bullying, anxiety, learning disabilities, anger, etc... I would also love to take your questions, and answer them! There are probably many parents in your community with similar questions.

If you haven't met me yet, here is a little bit about me:
I am originally from central California (Merced), and moved to Provo for college.
I got my undergraduate in Behavioral Science at UVU, and my Master's Degree in Psychology from Utah State.
I love soccer! I have played it since I was 5 years old, and have gotten to coach many teams also.
I have been married for almost 10 years to my husband, Matt, and we have a spunky 4-year-old girl named Amelia.
My previous work experience includes working with at-risk teens at treatment centers, working with teens and adults with disabilities, and working with foster children with behavioral disorders.


Random facts:
I will never turn down a doughnut.
I have three older brothers and no sisters.
I think I love Disneyland more than my daughter does
I was voted "most likely to become a teacher" in 5th grade
I love baking (not to be confused with cooking)
I played soccer for UVU (when it was UVSC)
My family is overly obsessed with BYU sports
I toured with my husband's band for 3 months when we were first married
I am fascinated with other cultures
I love kids and feel that every child has something to contribute

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